Vancouver, Canada

Studio Sunbow

Plug and Play

Welcome to Studio SunBow, a sanctuary specifically designed to ignite your musical creativity. This unique studio is fully equipped for you to plug in and play.

Get Loud and Grow

Studio SunBow has a relaxing atmosphere where you can amplify your musical expression (BE LOUD!), transform your sonic visions into reality, finish track, release songs, expand your music business, and elevate your skills and mixes to the next level!

Central Location

Situated a 7-minute walk from shop and restaurants on Commercial Drive, Studio Sunbow is located at 1140 Clark Drive in East Vancouver.

Flexible Booking

We offer flexible scheduling and straightforward booking with our shared Google Calendar system.

24/7 Access

Our studio is located in a highly secure building and offers around the clock access, granting you the freedom to crank up the volume as much as you desire and whenever you want!


Studio SunBow is a local small business dedicated to serving independent artists and creators.

Our pay as you go pricing makes it easy to book time to record your new track, host an important Zoom call, record a podcast or stream online.

Sound & Ambience

Our space is modest yet professionally equipped and suited for independent producers who prefer in-the-box production. We are dedicated to the auditory experience of the studio and continuously work to enhance its sound quality.

The ambient lighting sets the tone for creative inspiration, while our acoustically treated walls ensure sound perfection. The studio also features central heating and air conditioning for your comfort night and day, summer and winter.


Studio Space Includes

? HS7 Sound Monitors, HS8 Sub

? Acoustically treated walls

? High speed WIFI

✨ Mobile Ring Light

? HDMI Display

? 24/7 Access

? Flexible Booking

Recording Services

If you need help recording instrumentation or vocals, SunBow can help assist you in getting the recording.

Abelton Mixing Tutorials

Sunbow provides specialized one-on-one tutoring sessions tailored for mastering mixing techniques in Ableton Live. Elevate your mixing prowess with personalized guidance, ensuring you harness the full potential of Ableton to enhance your music production.


1140 Clark Dr
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3K3

Studio Sunbow


The Studio Sunbow story emerged from a profound love for music and a burning desire to create a sanctuary where artists could freely explore their sound. Sunbow, the heart and soul behind the studio, endured a personal setback in the form of losing her home and beloved instruments overnight. However, instead of letting the loss dim her passion, it only added fuel to her musical journey.

Faced with the restrictive regulations of rental housing in Vancouver that hindered playing loud music, Sunbow took a leap of faith and secured a studio space at 1140 Clark Dr. Studio Sunbow transformed from a bare-bones canvas to a fully equipped and acoustically treated music studio.

As a singer and music producer, Sunbow has an intrinsic understanding of the significance of sonic quality. She has consistently endeavoured to enhance the studio’s acoustic environment while balancing its affordability.


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I want to thank you for the years of creativity you let me release, the use of your space has been instrumental in my musical advancement and I really appreciate it!


Rapper, Former Studio Member

It was fun to visit this vibing space and get some mixing mentorship from the very talented Empress SunBow.

Steff / Sanké Music

Musician, Student

I’ve really enjoyed working in your studio, and I appreciate your support. Thank you for everything, and I’ll miss this studio a lot.


Music Producer, Former Studio Member

Come make some magic!

Send me an email schedule a time to checkout the Studio SunBow.


1140 Clark Dive
Vancouver, BC
V5L 3K3


24 hours a day
7 days a week